We are back and live!

We are back and live!


Hey there, Reflectors (What I’ll call you users from now on; I like it)

We’d like to apologize about being down for a total of 2 weeks! We fell off the rankings of SEO marketing, but we’ll climb back up.

Today, I’d like to talk about design and how we portray colors in the Valley. 

Now, you may have probably realized that we see a lot of warm colors in today’s work (beige, brown, yellow, maroon, ect.), but I find it odd that we haven’t moved far from that palette.

It’s as if we don’t want to move forward towards the new ideology of modernism. I am a skeptic when it comes to modern in the Valley. Not because it’s simplicity is not appealing (less is more!), but the lack of a market for it.

Nice and Slick

I believe that, it’s simply because there are no solid opportunities for consumers to see that modern isn’t that far from our ordinary construction. They tend to look very luxurious and expensive.

That being said, next year, we’ll start producing affordable modern designer homes! Our designs have evolved into something more than we can say. You’d have to see it in order to understand (LED walls, LED beams in the bath, ect!).

I hope you guys will enjoy my vision and stay tuned for it.

– Pablo Grimaldo DBA Reflection Homes

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